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The Boeing 747-8i

First Aircraft in the company!

The Boeing 747-8i is the first aircraft introduce in our company, and that help us to start in the world of the air simulation! He's a long-haul plane which can transport between 400 and 450 people. Thanks to his long scope he can fly up to the other end of the world. However when he is in charge in his maximum his scope is reduced to 9000 km. Finally the new  engines used here (the GEnx 2B67) are the most efficient 747 engines ever made; one of them produce 296kN of thrust! Not greedy, spacious, modern, is in charge of innovation; 747 will not stop satisfying you.

With his very long range and these high performances you can travel also far and wherever that you will want.


With him you will not stop seeing new parts of the country....