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The Airbus A350-900XWB

Worldwide Airways: First virtual airline to use the A350!

The most innnovative and effiscient aircraft in the world!

The A350-900XWB is the latest aircraft created by Airbus. He take the place of the A340, that is more older. The A350 is the most innovative aircraft in the world: a long list of the latest most perform technologies that give more piloting pleasure for the pilots, and better flight performance and confort for passengers. full glasses cockpit with big screens that show a lot of quantity of informations concerning the flight and the aircraft; as well as the head up display.

A new long range aircraft, in the way of the A340.

The A350, the remplacement of the A340 to Airbus, is as him, a long haul aircraft benefiting from a 14 350 kilometers range. This Airbus is one of the first aircraft in the world to use a composite materials body; in this particular case, the Aluminium-lithium, a very light materials, that reduce considerably the consuption by running. He is equipped with the new Rolls Royce engines: the trent XWB 1700-84 that develop 374kn of thrust. This aircraft take you for a flight to a new country, and can fly where you want in the world, to all continents.

Incredible confort in cabin.

This Airbus as a XWD body, wich means "eXtra Wide Body". A new generation sof cabin, that are more larger that the other cabin in Airbus Family; that is equipped with a most perform light technologies that can give a lot of possibly bright athmosphere corresponding at the moment of the day. The cabin is also more quieter, with the engines, who are very silent too. Theses elements can give to you the better flying and travel experience in the world for a beautiful flight...

The cockpit of the a350 is a innovative, and futurist office for the pilots. He use the latest technologies, big screens, and precise autopilot, for a better flight and work for the crew.

This version of the cockpit for this a350 for Flightgear is not completed. The screens works, but some features not. But the principals elements work perfectly. 


If you want to help the work of the developpers, check it in the Flightgear Forum here

This aircraft is available in this link Airbus A350-900XWB. It's an aircraft under developpements, some features are not in available or can use, so see his developpement in the Flightgear Forum here: