World Cargo Airways

The Lady: The McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

The last three-engine jet

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 F is a new aircraft in World Cargo Airways. The MD-11 F is a new version of the DC-10,  a very old version, so McDonnell Douglas has improved this first version by adding winglets and a modern glass cockpit. This three-engine can carry up 92 tons of freight on 7310 KM of range, and he can offers a volume of load of 447 m3 in main cabin and 194 m3 in hold. 

He is motorized by three General Electric CF6-80C2,  that develop 52,500-63,500 lb (233.5-282 kN). 


This plane is very enjoyable and pleasant has to pilot with his small nostalgic tendency, and will always bring you farther and faster around the world...


This plane is very detailed particulary with the exterior, and functional with a detailed cockpit with a lot of functional buttons and systems.

You can download this plane ont Flightgear Wiki with this link:

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