World Cargo Airways

A virtual Airline in Flightgear


This is my virtual airline company on Flightgear.

Our slogan: "Everywhere and on time"

This web site is to present you my virtual airline company on Flightgear; which is a free flight simulator. I have create this one with the aim of sharing with you my passion for the aviation on an open source flight simulator in which a whole community of enthusiasts can contribute to improve this simulator. You can fly with the liveries of my company on the roads which I have to create. The purpose being to be able to fly everywhere on the globe and discover full of different countries with you to share unique moments. Well on by using devices with the livery of my company on the compulsory roads has to make it by using a system of communication ( ATC) as Mumble or FG Com ( communication) who allows you he can have radio exchanges with the control tower, or the other pilots who evolve around you. Of what else to amplify this spirit of sharing and of well moments with these friends.


This Virtual company is a based transport company of freight has the airports of San Fransisco ( KSFO) and Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG). The fleet consists of one new McDonell Douglas MD-11 F, as well as Boeing 747-8F; and Boeing 787-8. The company consists of one big network of lines which allows you to fly to many continents such as: Europe; Asia; Oceania; America...