Worldwide Airways

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Worldwide Airways is a virtual airline company, subsidiary of World Cargo Airways Virtual, my second virtual airline on Flightgear.

Worldwide Airways: world Air traffics. In one word: everywhere. Worldwide Airways allows you to travel wherever in the world... With one very wide selection of destinations on everything continents. Asia, Oceania, Europe, the United States, Arabia, Caribbean... In departures of San Francisco, or Paris Charles-de-Gaulle.

Worldwide Airways is an international Virtual Airline offering realistic, professional and exciting flights!

What does Worldwide Airways offer you?

Flying with exciting aicrafts

Worldwide Airways  uses a wide range of aircraft, all of them are more powerful, and more elaborate than the others. 
Fly With innovative aircraft such as the Airbus a350, but we also offers older and mytic liner such as concord. We then offer you a more exciting and realistic way to fly with quality aircraft.

Professionals flights

With our various air operations systems, enjoy a rewarding and realistic flight experience than ever before. Personalize, and modify according to your wishes your load, your route, and become a true professional pilot. Our charts from different airports, maps, departure times, flight numbers are a part of this system: They will help you enjoy a new flight experience!

Fly fun: fly online!

Traveling is good. But has several, it's better!

With Mumble and FGcom, communicate with other drivers to exchange information and enjoy a more fun flight experience! In addition, for a more realistic flight, enjoy the presence of aerial contolers!

A large choice of flight routes

The world is within reach with 
Worldwide Airways.
We hope with this VA that you can discover new horizons ...
Take advantage of a wide selection of destinations on the 5 continents! China, North America, Australia ... was so accessible!

Why Asian symbol as a logo?

This symbol "Double happiness" Chinoi. In chinese: shuangxi, is a word composed of two Chinese synogram (喜, xi, which means "happy, happy"). Since then, this character represents love, happiness and luck.

It is these values and feelings that we advocate, feelings that accords which we hope will be part of your journey ... Virtually or in reality!

The purpose of this virtual airline: to share my passion for aviation, travel. Spend good time with friends, lovers, or with other pilots (Mumble or FGcom)...


Seletti Nuno, founder of Worldwide Airways and World Cargo Airways Virtual company with the big help of Alex Barrett CO founder of this airline; since september 2016